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How it all began

In 2003, Claude Laverdure invited Carl Malartre to his class so he could show him an innovative computerized educational platform for math. Carl was very impressed by students’ enthusiasm for the platform.

In fact, since the 80s, Claude had been writing and testing small-scale math software for his students. Carl suggested that Claude put them on the Web, which was really heating up at the time.

In 2004, Jean-Philippe Choinière, Steve Brisebois and Tom Trang joined with Carl to found Scolab, the company behind Netmath. Together, they convinced thousands of teachers and students that interactive exercise books were not only a possibility, but an excellent choice as well.

Scolab, the company behind Netmath

Scolab is a company specialized in creating motivating and meaningful learning programs that encourage the progress of every student. The company offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) as well as a licence for digital mathematical content intended for students from 6 to 16 years old.

Scolab is the creator of the Netmath and Buzzmath e-learning platforms, as well as their mathematical content.

To find out more, please visit the Scolab website.

Our editorial team


Pierre-Yves Dansereau (Canada)

Simon Lavallée (Canada)

Valérie Lebel (Canada)

Athlene Smith (Canada)

Graphic design and illustrations

Jean-Philippe Choinière

Mathieu Beaulieu

Vanessa Breton

Editorial supervision

Patrick St-Cyr

Monique Boucher

Translation and correction

Gwendolyn Schulman

Natasha DeCruz

Geneviève Siino

Technical design and integration

Zakary Asselin

Steve Brisebois

André Lacasse

Jonathan Lahue

Maxime Lemay

Érika Mercier

Former collaborators

Claude Laverdure (Canada)

Jamie Piecora (USA)

Derek Pipkorn (USA)

Bonnie Spence (USA)

Éloi Simard (Canada)

Renée Michaud (Canada)

Jean-Claude Hamel (Canada)

Steeve Lemay (Canada)

Guy Bonin (Canada)

Pierre Mathieu (Canada)

Paul Patenaude (Canada)

Marie-Ève Boulanger (Canada)

Allison Mackay (Canada)

Megan Stanley (Canada)

David Thomas (Canada)

Aurie Zeran (Canada)

Patricia Pinna (Canada)

Vincent Maltais ( Canada)