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5 reasons to use Netmath

Author: Scolab | Publish on January 7, 2023

Math is often the bane of students’ existence. Motivating, stimulating and supporting students in understanding math concepts can be a difficult undertaking for teachers.

The challenge Netmath has set for itself is to instill a love of math in students. We want to motivate them so that they can be more autonomous in their learning–and free up valuable time for teachers.


Here are 5 good reasons to use the platform.

1. An interactive universe that inspires and motivates students

Learning math has never been so motivating! And that’s not coming from us. It’s what the students are saying!

"I just wanted to tell you that your site is great. It helps me so much and it’s a hundred times more fun to study on the computer than with workbooks."

A student from Collège Reine-Marie

The Netmath universe is full of endearing characters who take the students on a thrilling adventure in the footsteps of the great mathematicians of the past 2000 years. Students collect achievement badges and earn stars when they complete activities.

2. Students with greater autonomy in the classroom and at home

Engaging students by offering them stimulating activities is not enough. They also need to be supported in their learning process, and this takes time. We have put in place features to encourage student autonomy, including audio playbacks of instructions, a glossary, detailed solutions, demonstrations and an opportunity for them to retry problems as often as they wish. Students have fun learning and progress at their own pace. They also require less help from you to understand and carry out the activities.

3. Tools designed for teachers

Detailed reports, real-time progress tracking of your class, differentiation tools, automated corrections, personalized collections… Netmath offers an array of features designed to facilitate your work as teachers. The objective? To save you precious time so that you can focus on the elements that require greater work with students. The platform is continuously improved based on the feedback and suggestions of the teachers who use it and who we assist on a daily basis.

4. Thousands of activities aligned with your curriculum

With Netmath, you’ll find stimulating activities, designed for most elementary and secondary levels. To effectively respond to the needs of each level, the activities are aligned with the curricula for New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. And since we are committed to covering the entire curriculum, we regularly enhance Netmath with new activities.

5. Canada’s number one digital math learning resource

Today, Netmath is the math learning platform most appreciated by both students and teachers, particularly in Ontario and Quebec. The Ministère de l’Éducation du Québec has given it a five-star rating. Used by more than 34 000 teachers and 700 000 students, it offers more than 10 000 pages of math activities for both elementary and secondary levels.

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