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Reviewing with the collections? Great idea!

Author: Scolab | Publish on May 20, 2022

Grades 1 and 2

The end of the school year is often synonymous with tests. What resources can you use to review key concepts with your students during this period when motivation is often flagging and students are keenly feeling the challenges they had during the year. Netmath thought of you! Using the Collections feature, our team put together a selection of activities to review the key concepts covered this year.

With each of the collections proposed for grades 1 and 2, your students will be able to review the concepts for their grade level in a fun and familiar environment.

To take advantage of these resources, you need to duplicate the collection and then modify it to create a personalized collection. Here’s how

  1. Choose the collection for your grade level.

  2. Log in to your Netmath account.

  3. Tap or click on “Duplicate collection.

  4. Tap or click on “Open the collection.”

You’re in! Now, it’s your move. The collection is ready to send to your students to help them with their end-of-year review.


You can also personalize the collection before sending it to your students, for example, by adding or removing activities, or modifying their order.

The collections

Grade 1 review : https://www.netmaths.net/collection/2c700176-e566-49bb-9444-570395096408

Grade 2 review : https://www.netmaths.net/collection/fed29ab1-3b8e-44d5-9dd4-e48b058ef516


The above collections were created based on the Quebec curriculum. If you’re from another province or country, you will probably not have access to all of the activities in the collections.

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