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Global Math Week: Join the Movement!

Author: Scolab | Publish on December 15, 2016

Netmath, a Global Math Project partner

A global movement is underway on our planet! During a whole week in 2017, more than one million people around the world saw mathematics in a new light during the very first Global Math Week, organized by the Global Math Project team. The event will return in October 2018 for a second edition, and the Netmath team is part of this wonderful adventure!

What is the Global Math Project?

In 2015, math experts around the world united around a project: to mobilize more than one million students, teachers, and math enthusiasts during a very exciting special week! Their goal? To kick off a fundamental paradigm shift in the way the world perceives and enjoys math. Intriguing, right?

When and how does it happen?

The Global Math Week takes place during a whole week simultaneously across the whole world! Just like the first edition, it will be dedicated to the “Exploding Dots” activity dreamed up by mathematician JAMES TANTON. The experience is totally free and available online at However, we also offer presentation options that require little or no technology. In 2017, the event was a source of astonishment and wonder for more than one million people from 168 countries and territories around the world. The platform has remained accessible since then, and now 4 743 999 curious people have tested “Exploding Dots.”


And what about Netmath in all this?

Because the Global Math Project connects completely with our desire to inspire the joy of learning, the Netmath team decided to join this project right from its inception. As a primary collaborator on this project, we created the digital platform that hosts “Exploding Dots.” Like with Netmath, we focused on creating a fun and enjoyable design!

The Global Math Project ambassadors include two of our colleagues: SIMON LAVALLÉE and SUNIL SINGH, experts in teaching mathematics. They provide some details about this exciting project in this article from 2017 during the first edition.

I want to join the movement! How can I do?

The Global Math Week is free and open to everyone. To have your students participate, simply sign up.


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