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Star Hunters, Be Prepared! Monsters Are Invading Netmath

Author: Scolab | Publish on October 26, 2016

New avatars available for Halloween

Midnight, the witching hour. The monsters have invaded Netmath with their terrible and scary looks. Their mission? To scare the happy little world of Mathlantis to collect mountains of candies and goodies.

Pi pies, parallelepiped caramels and cosine marshmallows, they have all gone! Once they emptied the city of its mathematical candies, they went away, full up. Except three, who not without trying to steal some of their candies, eventually became friends with Alfred and Alice. Together they could play a few tricks on these rascal Netmathiciens.

This is how Boney the Skeleton, Khamun the Mummy and Boo the Ghost settled permanently in Mathlantis. Now can choose them as an avatar on Netmath under the “My Account” tab.


But which one to select? Here’s a guide to help you choose your monster.


Everyone recognizes it, you have style. Whatever the time period you’re travelling through, you always have a remarkable elegance. And in addition, we’re not kidding, you’re unbeatable at knucklebones! No more doubts, opt for BONEY!


Fascinated by ancient Egypt, you’ve always dreamed of being a Pharaoh. When you were little, you have always loved to wrap yourself up in parchment and walk around the house with yours arms outstretched in front of you, parallel to the floor. If your favorite time of day is also waking up, then don’t hesitate, adopt KHAMUN!


You have amazing discretion! You spend your days haunting your house without anyone noticing you. Sometimes, we have the impression that you appear out of nowhere. However, we appreciate your presence. We are even looking for it. It must be said, you have a lot of spirit! BOO too, so choose him.

You’ve made your choice? The monster that resembles you is now your avatar? Happy Halloween on Netmath!

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